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Main Coaching Activities

We have developed a 5-stage progression to introduce children to the game in a safe and progressive manner. Each stage has a number of appropriate activities – select ones appropriate to the level of player experience. Each stage has a downloadable PDF containing guidance on how to run the activity. Note that Unions may have their own Age Grade Law Variations which you must adhere to. In case of doubt please contact your Union for clarification.

1. Introducing the game through Touch/Tag

  • Rob the nest
  • 5 Pass Game
  • Sharks and Fishes
  • End Ball (and variations)
  • Corner Ball
  • Relay Races – ball familiarisation
  • Rats and Rabbits
  • Sharks and Fishes (and variations)
  • Breakout touch
  • Multi-direction end ball
  • Tag thief
  • Overload touch and variations
  • L-shaped passing
  • Simple passing
  • 4 v 2 continuous touch
  • Any direction touch (4 goals)
  • Passing gauntlet
  • Offload touch
  • Drop down touch
  • Middle man passing relay
  • Number touch
  • Group touch
  • Wide touch
  • Diamond Offload
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