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  • Able to maintain a strong, stable body position as an individual/front row/whole scrum whilst exerting and resisting pressure
  • Able to move forwards and backwards under control as an individual/front row/whole scrum
  • Able to maintain a strong, effective and legal bind with the props
  • Able to lead the scrum into engagement with opposition on referee’s command
  • Able to strike for the ball to win own ball (and opposition ball if good enough)


  • Able to deliver a range of throws to different jumpers in an accurate manner
  • Know the throw-in requirements of the lineout forwards and perfect them
  • Able to react to and collect spilled ball
  • Able to participate in effective driven lineout should tactics dictate
  • Able to attack opposition distributed ball
  • Able to defend the 5 metre channel

Kick off

  • Able to catch ball cleanly in air or on ground
  • Able to support jumper in the air to enable effective catch/delivery of ball
  • Able to return jumper to the ground in a safe manner
  • Able to protect jumper in a legal fashion from opposition on landing
  • Able to recover dropped possession
  • Able to transfer ball away to team mates

Open play

  • Able to carry the ball/gain territory in possession
  • Able to make a range of different passes both left and right
  • Able to create, identify, communicate, manipulate and exploit space in attack
  • Able to recognise, communicate and fill space in defence
  • Able to support team members in attack and defence
  • Able to make effective side-on, front-on, rear tackles
  • Able to select and implement correct decisions during ruck/maul
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