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Key factor analysis

What is key factor analysis?

Key factor analysis takes each of the skills of the Game and breaks it down into its component parts.

To help players perform the skills of the Game correctly, they should be aware of the key factors of the skill and aim to perform them in the correct sequence.

Players and coaches can use these component parts of the skill to compare performance, recognise good practice and also to identify and correct faults. It helps to ask the player how they are performing the component parts of a skill compared to a world-class player, what they are doing well and what they need to improve. These components can then be enhanced and further developed through additional work during training.

Choose a section on the left to find out more about the key factors of different skills. The skills have been divided into individual and unit skills sections of the Game:

Individual skills

All Rugby players should strive to have a good level of individual skill, whatever position they play. Rugby is an invasion (get into the opponent’s territory) and evasion (don’t get caught) game with the aim of scoring more points than the opposition. As a result, all players should be able to run with the ball, handle the ball, kick the ball, make and take a tackle and keep the ball alive. These individual skills are broken down into their key factors.

Unit skills

As well as possessing individual skills, players will need to develop their unit skills with others depending on their playing position. These unit skills have been broken down into their key factors.

When you have finished reading all of the sections within the module, there is an exam to complete, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Questions' tab. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be able to download an awareness certificate.


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